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Diva Professional Styling is dedicated to bringing the finest products to the professional hairdressing market. DIVA are constantly looking at the requirements of the world's best hairdressers and delivering products to meet their demands. This enables them to provide long-lasting, cutting edges styles to their clients and models quickly and easily.

Diva Professional Mini Wand (Infused With Argan Oil)

Infused with argan oil for a high gloss finish, the Diva Professional Mini Wand is great for ...

Our Price: £29.99 

Diva Professional Styling Intelligent Digital Multi-Wand

The Diva Professional Styling Intelligent Digital Multi-Wand is an easy-to-use and versatile tool ...

Our Price: £59.99 

Diva Session Instant Heat Wand with Non Slip Silicon Heat Mat & Glove

This sleek and stylish Diva Professional Styling Instant Heat Wand is the perfect tool to give ...

Our Price: £79.99