Pashana, Pashana
Since 1910 the Pashana name has graced fine hair lotions, tonics and colognes produced for discerning gentlemen and barbers. Made with pure essential oils and aromatic perfumes the formulations have remained virtually unchanged for almost 100 years. Their traditional hair products designed to invigorate and stimulate the scalp today enjoy worldwide acclaim and have certainly become classics of our time.

Pashana Original Brilliantine 250 ml

Classic hair dressing containing Pashana essential oils. The mineral oil base leaves hair with a ...

Our Price: £6.49 

Pashana Original Dandruff Remover Shampoo 250 ml

A shampoo with Rosemary Oil scientifically formulated to effectively remove flakes associated ...

Our Price: £6.49 

Pashana Original Eau De Cologne 250 ml

This traditional lotion is intended for use on both hair and skin in the old barbershop ...

Our Price: £6.49 

Pashana Original Hair Lotion 250 ml

Pashana Hair Lotion is formulated using a blend of essential oils including patchouli, ...

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Pashana Original Shampoo 250 ml

Features the classic Pashana aroma and essential oils of Patchouli, Sandalwood, Cedarwood, ...

Our Price: £6.29